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[[WikkaDocumentationFR | Documentation de Wikka]]
===== Foire aux Questions =====
<<Cette page recense une liste de FAQs, groupées par catégories.
Veuillez poster, bugs et demandes dans WikkaBugs.
N'hésitez pas à ajouter vos questions, vos réponses, voire les deux :)<<


===Problèmes lors de l'installation/utilisation de Wikka===

~-//J'ai des problèmes lors de l'[[WikkaInstallationFR | installation]]. Quelqu'un peut m'aider?//
~~-Jetez un coup d'oeil dans WikkaTroubleshooting pour voir si votre problème n'a pas déjà été abordé.

===Wikka et les hébergements gratuits===

~-//J'ai installé Wikka sur un hébergement gratuit et tout ce que j'obtiens est une page blanche. Les autres pages (n'appartenant pas à Wikka) s'affichent et affichent une bannière de mon hébergeur.//
~-//J'ai installé Wikka sur un hébergement gratuit et les pages apparaissent coupées. Le bloc des commentaires ne s'affiche pas!//
~~-Quand un hébergeur insère une **bannière** sur une page, cela interfère avec deux actions effectuées par défaut par Wikka:
~~~-Si la compression GZip est activée, cela (cause une **page blanche**); et
~~~-Wikka calculates content-length for a HTTP header - which will be incorrect after the banner is inserted, so you would see a **truncated page** when Gzip is not active.
~~-See BlankPageWorkaround for a solution to both of these problems.

===FreeMind maps===

~-//I'm trying to display Freemind maps on Wikka under Mac OS X? The latest version of Java is installed on my system and the freemind applet works fine under Safari but not under Firefox or Mozilla: it simply doesn't load. Can you explain why? //
~~-On recent versions of Mac OS X, Java 1.4.2 is available but can't be //seen// by browsers other than Safari, Mac OS X's default browser. To visualize Freemind maps in Wikka using Mozilla, Firefox and the like, you need to install a small [[ | java plugin enabler]] that will tell the browser to look for the //most recent// Java version installed on your system.


~-//Where did the name "Wikka" come from? Is is based on "Wicca"?//
~~-The name was chosen for several reasons by Jason Tourtelotte when he started the project:
~~~- It is similar to Wakka. The goal with keeping the name similar was to recognize and honor the code heritage.
~~~- It is fun to say in combination with Wakka -- "Wikka Wakka". Which led to...
~~~- Having a good reason to make the "Powered by" link at the bottom of every page "Wikka Wakka Wiki". Which led to...
~~~- The intentional search engine optimization benefit. Try these Google searches: Google:Wakka or Google:WakkaWiki. Who's number one? Jason's plan worked perfectly. ;)
~~~- The obvious phonetic association with Wicca -- yes, this was intentional. Wiki engines have a magical quality. Just click the "Edit page" link and within seconds you are creating new content. Compared to the experience of editing a page with a monster like Dreamweaver, it seems a bit like magic. -- JsnX

===Text formatting===

~-//How do you get a pair of double-quotes (without any text between them) to display properly ?//
~~-Use the entity literal ##&quot;## - ##&quot&quot;##


~-//How do you un-WikiName a word ?//
~~-Add two pair of double-quotes around the word: ""WikiName""

~-//How does WakkaWiki know to what URL to send a visitor to if it wasn't specified ?//
~~-The link is to a forced WikiPage. That means a link to a page in this wiki is generated.

~-//So why does ""[[LALA_LELE]]"" | send me to http://LALA_LELE ?//
~~-The underscore breaks things. ""[[LALALELE]]"" doesn't have this problem.

~-//Is it possible to create a forced link with more than one word?//
~~-Sure. ""[[HomePage | This is the home page]]"" will produce: [[HomePage | This is the home page]].

~-//Rather than use the WikiName, can you force a page name to be two words as in: ""[[Home | Page]]""//
~~-No, page names cannot have spaces in them; but you can always use a forced link to make the link text have spaces - see the answer above.

~-//Can I use unicode characters in a forced link?//
~~-Yes ""[[HomePage | 홈페이지]]"" will produce: [[HomePage | 홈페이지]].

~-//Use ""[[HomePage | 首页]]"" is very inconvenient for using unicode charaters in some countries, e.g. China, because few person can use english even though just a single word for a page. Can I crack the code to make unicode to be a force link? And how?

===Home Page===
~-//How do I change the default title in the top nave of my WikkaWiki (currently ""MyWikkaSite"")?//
~~-Find the following line in your ##wikka.config.php## %% "wakka_name" => "MyWikkaSite", %% and thange the name (after ##=>##) to whatever you want it to be.
~-//How do I include an image in my header file, like the Wikka Homepage does?
~~-Applying //background-image: url("../images/w.jpg");// to the //.header// in the css file will add the image to the header.
~~-You will need to adjust the //padding// in the //.header// section as appropriate to your image size
~~-If you do not want the image to repeat, you will also need to add //background-repeat: no-repeat;// to the //.header// section of the css file as well.


~-//When I click on the [Add comment] link, wikka asks me, if I want to create this page instead of showing the comments-form//
~~-Look into your ##wikka.config.php## and set the entry 'rewrite_mode' => '1', to '0'. That should solve the problem .

~-//The search function (see: SearchHelp) does not find any hits in the comments sections. Am I missing something?//
~~-No. The search function only searches the wiki page name and page content for hits and not its comments. [I have a hack to include comments in the searches on my homepage. The code hasn't been tested in yet but works in --GmBowen]


~-//When will Wikka support other languages/utf-8 ?//
~~-An internalization/localization project is currently under discussion, but it requires a major overhaul of the code, so don't expect it to appear in the very next releases.

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