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=====Admins in a Wikka =====

>>**See also**
WikiAdmin - for a general description of the role of admins>>

====Admin powers====

An admin has super-rights, that means he can do the following things to **all** pages :
- //read//, //[[EditPageInfo edit]]//, //[[PageDeletionInfo | delete]]// and //[[CloneHandlerInfo | clone]]// (even if the acls are set otherwise!)
- //comment// - the only exception is the ""{{no-comment}}"" on a page which prevents the comments-form from being shown. Note that it could be removed by an admin, who has then the possibility to comment.
- delete all comments
- [[AclInfo | set the acls]]
- transfer page ownership to a new user
- [[AttachmentInfo | upload files]]
- options to manage referrers (//needs more explanation//)

Note that the admin which you have assigned during the installation has some extended privileges over the other admins:
- his e-mail adress is used from the feedback action. It is therefore necessary to enter a valid e-mail adress because otherwise all feedback send through the action is lost.
- (generally) he has FTP access to the site and access to the database and is therefore the only one who could see the e-mail adress of the registered users,

====Assigning new Admins====

Every wiki has at least one admin - the one you create during installation. If you want to add (or remove) admins, simply edit the ##[[ConfigurationOptions | wikka.config.php]]##.

There you will find the following entry:
admin_users => 'YourName',

To add (a) name(s), simply seperate them by a comma:
admin_users => 'YourName, AnotherUser, CoolJoeAdmin',

~-Make sure you do not remove the "main" admin's name!
~-All admin-names have to be in one string, i.e. between the ' and '. Something like %%(php) admin_users => "YourName", "AnotherUser" %% won't work.
~-This does not give access to the MySQL database or FTP access to the additional admin(s).

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