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<<Important note: the WikiPing feature has been affected by the closing of the server. We recommend you follow discussions on this issue on the [[ | main server]].<<::c::

>> is dead===
We had seen it coming - but still hoped it was not true: some time in July of this year, the domain record for **** was updated and the expiry date was set at 30 July 2005. The domain was not renewed. Also, all (other) websites owned by DreckFehler had been taken offline a while ago, and a dig showed there were no MX records for any of those domains (even if they still resolved) so sending mails would not succeed either.

As of today, 8 August 2005, the WikiPing server at **** no longer responds to requests for a recent changes RSS feed. Since quite a few Wiki owners pinged the server with changes and probably many more people had subscribed to the RSS feed, a replacement WikiPing server would be welcome... --JavaWoman
>>WikiPing is a mechanism similar to the [[ |]] used by the blogger-community to promote their new posts. any wiki can contact a wikiping-server to announce changes that have been made to that wiki. The ping-server uses that pings to compile a kind of "global" recentchanges-list. For that reason the first wikiping-server which is in service now is called

the whole [[ | wikiping-specification]] is still beta and any suggestion how to improve this idea is welcomed!

====Add a server====

To send a Ping , you have to add one or more wikiping-servers in your [[ConfigurationOptions | config]]. By default, the entry is empty and the service inactive.

In the case of, the address is:

"wikiping_server" => "",

Note that the address must point to the RPC handler page of the server.

If you want to know more about the code, visit [[ | WikiPingDevelopment]].

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