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===== What is a ""WikiName"" ? =====

{{since version="1.3" display="inline"}}
<<Note: As of 1.3, page names are no longer required to be in ""WikiName"" format. Any printable character (including Unicode characters) is permitted other than the following:
[ ] { } % + | ? = < > ' " / 0x00-0x1f 0x7f ,
Please note that spaces are converted internally to the _ character, but will display as spaces.

A **""WikiName""** - often called a CamelCase word - is a string composed by two or more capitalized words joined together without spaces, like ThisIsANewPage.
""WikiNames"" are easy to read, write and remember, and distinctive enough to be recognized by a wiki engine as [[HyperLink]]s.

=== | Checklist for a valid ""WikiName"" ===
- It must start with an Upper Case character.
- It must have a minimum of 3 characters (2 Upper Case, 1 lower case).
- It may end with either a Upper Case or lower case character or numeric charcter.
- There must be a least one lower case character somewhere between the first Upper Case character and the last Upper Case character.
- There cannot be any numeric characters before the first lower case character.

The following are valid wikinames:
- AlbertEinstein
- AbC
- MyName
- Ted22

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