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Wikka Documentation

Using and Creating Categories

This wiki is using a simple but very flexible categorizing system.

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I. Create New Categories

Categories are normal wikipages, only two things are different:
  1. their pagename must start with "Category" (like "CategoryWiki", "Category Category", "Category Users" [the last two without the space, of course] etc.) and
  1. their page should contain {{category}} somewhere.

Example: You want to create a "Category Users" in your wiki? Simply create a page with this name (without the space) and edit it. You can add anything you want to that page (a description of the category or its purpose is a good idea), the only thing you should add is {{category}} because that is what will make the pages that belong to that category visible!

II. Using Categories

Mentioning a category anywhere on a wikipage will include the page in the mentioned category. This makes it easy to:

Example: CategoryWiki, CategoryDocumentation. Note that these two are the only categories in which we want this page, so all other names are "masked", i.e. their names are divided with a space ("Category Category", "Category Users")!

Example: Category Users. This page won't show up there, because you won't find the name "written together" on this page.

Since categories are wikipages, the procedures above will work for them, too. This could be used to create a hierarchy of categories.

Example: To make "CategoryDocumentation" a subcategory of "Category Category", simply add the latter name (without the space) to the former page. If you replace "Category Category" with "CategoryWiki" , the "CategoryDocumentation" will be a subcategory of the latter one. If you remove "CategoryWiki", "CategoryDocumentation" will have no parent category.

III. Browsing Categories

You can directly access "Category Category" by clicking on the link "Categories" in Wikka's top navigation bar. The main purpose of this category is to serve as a parent for your own categories. Simply add them to "Category Category" as mentioned in point II.

IV. Standard Convention to Place Categories

To end with this is the standard convention to place the categories (both the wiki code and the result):

CategoryWiki - CategoryDocumentation

CategoryWiki - CategoryDocumentation
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