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===== What's new in Wikka 1.4.1 ? =====
''Released on 29Aug2019''

<<==See also==
~-**[[Installing141 | Installation & upgrade notes for 1.4.1]]**
~-[[Changelog | All release changelogs]]

{{latestfiles float="left" show="stable" stableversion="1.4.1" stablereleasedate="29Aug2019"}}

{{color c="red" text="Please note this (and future) versions require at least PHP 7!"}}
This release has been tested with MySQL 5.7.21 and PHP 7.2.4.

Additional details in SystemRequirements.

This version now supports the PDO (PHP Data Objects) framework, which allows for a choice of back-end databases. As of this release, both mysql and sqlite are supported. **Please note that sqlite support is still being tested and is not recommended for production use.** Bug reports concerning sqlite integration (as well as support for other databases) are always welcome on the[[ | Github issues tracker]].

===Issues fixed in this release===
You can find details on all security fixes, new/improved functionality and bugs/other issues [[ | here]].

===Installation notes===
Installation can be completed using either the [[Installing141 | upgrade]] method or by [[WikkaInstallation | installing a fresh package]].

{{color c='red' text='NOTE: This version has registrations disabled by default.'}} You MUST enable user registrations in ##wikka.config.php## (##'allow_user_registration' => '1',##) to allow access by users other than the administrator set up during installation.

There is a new configuration parameter, ##'behind_reverse_proxy'##, set to a default of 0. {{color c='red' text='Do not enable this unless you are actually running the instance behind a reverse proxy!'}} By design, the X-Forwarded-* headers are insecure, and enabling this setting generates the proper links to the public-facing reverse proxy. If this setting is enabled, and the instance is not behind a reverse proxy, anyone can send X-Forwarded-* headers.

===Browse the source===
You can browse the source code of [[ | Wikka 1.4.1]] from the Github repository.

Please report any bug, issue or feature suggestion in the [[ | issues tracker]].

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