What's new in Wikka 1.3.4-p1 ?

Released on 31Aug2013



Latest stable release (released 31Aug2013):

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globe User-contributed localized packages
plugin User-contributed plugins

Installation notes

Installation can be completed using either the upgrade method or by installing a fresh package.

Browse the source

You can browse the source code of Wikka 1.3.4 from the SVN repository.


Please report any bug, issue or feature suggestion for 1.3.4 in the tracker. Note: New registrations are currently closed, so please use either the mailing list or IRC to report issues or to request an account on the bug tracker.


yodahome, res-wikkawiki, Victor Khangulov, skrap, KrilionGD, u.o., Shdwdrgn, High-Tech Bridge Security Research Lab

Security fixes

Ticket:1152 Fix XSS vulnerability

New/improved functionality

Ticket:1140 Usergroup ACLs no longer working

Bug fixes

Ticket:341 403 errors because of wildcards in referrer spam list
Ticket:1123 Autogeneration of wiki links borked
Ticket:1124 Wiki links to non-existent pages no longer tagged as missing
Ticket:1125 Wanted pages not formatted correctly
Ticket:1126 Backlinks not generated with links to internal wiki pages
Ticket:1127 Rename default theme to "classic"
Ticket:1128 Page titles incorrectly displayed
Ticket:1134 wikkaedit plays badly with iPhone/iPad
Ticket:1135 recentchanges action should display X _readable_ pages
Ticket:1136 Wakka::HasAccess doesn't honor $username parameter
Ticket:1137 Array dump when cloning a page
Ticket:1138 Link in first heading is displayed as markup in title
Ticket:1139 HTML title contains link text
Ticket:1142 Release changes for 1.3.4 (coordination ticket)

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