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=====Welcome to Wikka=====

Do you want to get a taste of Wikka?
Try the [[ | demo]] server.
>>Hi and welcome to WikkaWiki!
This server is meant for the **official documentation** of Wikka. It is neither meant to host personal pages or personal site promotion, nor to offer users a free space to post content, text, images or links not related to WikkaWiki. Any abuse/vandalism will be removed and the user banned from this server.

As a **[[UserSettings | REGISTERED USER]]**, you can create your own userpage and contribute content. You'll also have access to some of the advanced features of this server. Your comments and edits will be stored using your username.

Whether you are registered or not, you can:
~-**spread the word** --- If you like Wikka, you can help [[ | spread the word]] and tell your friends how you like Wikka :)
~-**come in and say hello** --- You are welcome to join the wikka community on the ##[[ | #wikka]]## channel at The ## #wikka## channel is a place to discuss development issues, get online support and get in touch with other Wikka users.

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