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Using actions in Wikka pages

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About actions

Actions are small (or not so small) pieces of code that generate automatic content within a page. An action may provide simple content, or it may provide an interactive "service" with a form for user input.

Some actions are considered "core" and are essential to the functioning of Wikka as a WikiEngine. Others are better classified as "plugins", providing extra, less essential functionality. Of course, WikkaWiki comes with all "core" actions and a nice collection of "plugins". Many Wikka users also make additional plugins available through the main site.

Using actions

To include an action in a page, simply edit the page and put the name of the action, between {{ and }}, on it. Action names are case-insensitive.

Many actions can be customized by providing extra parameters; a parameter must always have its value enclosed in double quotes. Unknown parameters are simply ignored; in some cases one or more parameters may be required.

Content example:
Use {{wikkaversion}} to display the version of Wikka running this wiki:

Service example:
Use {{googleform}} to display a Google search form. You may add an optional q parameter to specify a default search query, as in {{googleform q="Wikka"}}:

List of available actions

Actions distributed with WikkaWiki (in alphabetical order)
{{adminpages}}displays a module to manage wiki pages
{{adminusers}}displays a module to manage users
{{backlinks}}displays a list of pages linking to the current page
{{calendar}}displays a calendar for a specified or current month
{{category}}displays a list of pages belonging to a category
{{color}}renders colored text
{{colour}}alias for {{color}}
{{countcomments}}counts the comments by the current user
{{countowned}}counts the pages owned by the current user
{{countpages}}counts the number of pages in the wiki
{{countusers}}count the number of registered users in the wiki
{{dbinfo}}displays information on the database storing data from the wiki
{{emailpassword}}displays a form to retrieve a password
{{feedback}}displays a form to send feedback to the admin of the wiki
{{files}}displays a form to upload/download/delete files
{{flash}}embeds a flash-animation
{{geshiversion}}displays the version of GesHi | bundled with Wikka
GoogleformActionInfo {{googleform}}display a Google search form.
{{highscores}}displays a list of registered users, ordered by the percentage of pages they own
{{image}}inserts an image
{{include}}includes another wiki page
{{interwikilist}}displays a list of InterWiki shortcuts
{{lastedit}}displays information on the last revision
{{lastusers}}displays a list of recently registered users
{{mindmap}}embeds a mindmap in a wiki page
{{mychanges}}lists pages edited by the current user
{{mypages}}lists pages owned by the current user
{{mysqlversion}}displays the mysql version running on the server
{{newpage}}displays a form to create new pages
{{nocomments}}disables comments for the current page
{{orphanedpages}}displays a list of pages not linked by any other page in the wiki
{{ownedpages}}displays a list of pages by owner
{{pageindex}}displays an alphabetical list of pages in the wiki
{{phpversion}}displays the PHP version running on the server
{{recentchanges}}lists recently modified pages
{{recentcomments}}lists recent comments
{{recentlycommented}}lists recently commented pages
{{rss}}embeds a feed in the page
{{system}}displays information about the system
{{table}}creates a data table
{{textsearch}}displays a search form
{{textsearchexpanded}}displays a form for expanded text search
{{usersettings}}displays a login/logout form and user settings
{{wantedpages}}lists nonexisting pages linked by other pages
{{wikkachanges}}displays Wikka release notes for the current version
{{wikkaconfig}}displays the current configuration settings
{{wikkaname}}displays the name of the wiki
{{wikkaversion}}displays the version of Wikka running the wiki

Actions not in the actions-directory
{{iframe}}allows embedding a page in another page

Unknown action ""footer""replaced by the footer template file
Unknown action ""header""replaced by the header template file

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