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=====The title of a wiki-page=====

Every HTML page has a title which is, for example, shown as the window title of the browser, used as a link description when you bookmark a page and, most important, used to identify pages in search engines results.

For these reasons it is important to have a good (meaningful and descriptive) title for a page. Most [[WikiEngine | wiki engines]] use [[WIkiName | WikiNames]] as page titles. Since [[WikiName | WikiNames]] can be difficult to read and meaningless for search engines, Wikka uses the ""SmartTitle"" function to produce HTML titles from the page content.

The ##""SmartTitle""## function looks for the first, highest-level header in the page and uses it as a HTML title. If no such header is found, then the standard WikiName is displayed.

Example: on this page ##""=====The title of a wiki-page=====""## is the highest header and therefore used as the title.

=== Smart titles and special characters ===

A specific advantage of using smart titles instead of plain [[WikiName | WikiNames]] is that they can contain accented characters and, more generally, any kind of special character. Try adding to a page "" ===== 홈페이지 ===== "" and you will see the Korean header show up as a HTML title.

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