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====Sites refering to a page====

The sites referring to a page can be distingiushed into two categories:
- referers from other pages of the wikka
- referers from outside the wikka (other websites)

===Referers from inside the wikka site===
To see wikka pages referring to a page, simply use the [[BacklinksActionInfo | backlinks]] action.

===Referers from outside the wikka site===
There is a distinction between two different types of referers from other pages:
1) external pages
1) external domains

==External pages==
To view them, simply click on the ##"Referrers"## link at the bottom of a page. You will see a page labelled ##"External pages linking to [pagename]"##.
The list is ordered by the number of links from a page to [pagename]. To avoid spammers, the page isn't indexed by search engines. It only shows the referring pages of the past 90 days.

==External domains==
If you click on ##"see list of domains"##, located direct behind the sentence ##"External pages linking to [pagename]"##, you see the domains instead of the different pages. The best way to see the difference between these results is by taking Google. On the ##"external pages list"##, every search phrase linking to [pagename] will appear as a single page, whereas you will see only one domain when you look at the ##"external domains"## list (in this case

==View global referring sites/ View global referrers==
The same as above, only for the whole wiki instead of a page.

==View referrer blacklist==
This is a list of pages, which are not shown on the referrer-pages because spammers use it only for spamming purposes. The list is stored in a [[WikkaTableStructure | wikka table]].

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