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=====Redirect Action Documentation=====

This is the documentation page for the Redirect action.


==Short description==
Redirects one page to another page.

//target//, //to//, or //page//: Specifies page to which the redirected page will point
//temporary//: Returns a **HTTP/1.0 302: Moved temporarily** HTTP return code

==Long description==
This action redirects one page to another page. By default, returns a **HTTP/1.0 301 Moved permanently** HTTP return code. The //temporary// parameter changes the HTTP return code to **HTTP/1.0 302 Moved temporarily**. Attempts to redirect a page to itself are detected and aborted with a message stating the page is redirecting to itself. Multiple redirects are not permitted; the final redirect is displayed as a link rather than an actual redirect taking place. ACLs for the target page are honored; no redirect will occur if user does not have sufficient privileges to view the target page.

%%{{redirect target|to|page="NewPage" [temporary]}}%%


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