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=====Redirect Action Documentation=====
This is the documentation page for the Redirect action.
Redirects one page to another page.
//target//, //to//, or //page//: Specifies page to which the redirected page will point
//temporary//: Returns a **HTTP/1.0 302: Moved temporarily** HTTP return code
This action redirects one page to another page. By default, returns a **HTTP/1.0 301 Moved permanently** HTTP return code. The //temporary// parameter changes the HTTP return code to **HTTP/1.0 302 Moved temporarily**. Attempts to redirect a page to itself are detected and aborted with a message stating the page is redirecting to itself. Multiple redirects are not permitted; the final redirect is displayed as a link rather than an actual redirect taking place. ACLs for the target page are honored; no redirect will occur if user does not have sufficient privileges to view the target page.
%%{{redirect target|to|page="NewPage" [temporary]}}%%
=====Recentlycommented Action Documentation=====
This is the documentation page for the RecentlyCommented action.
>>**See also**
[[RecentCommentsActionInfo recent comments]]
[[RecentChanges | recent changes]]
[[RecentlyChangedActionInfo | recently changed pages]]
Displays the last 50 commented pages in the wiki, ordered by date and time.
This action accepts no parameters.
However, specifying a "user=" GET parameter for the page containing the action will display recently commented pages only for the specified user.
In contrast to ""{{""[[RecentCommentsActionInfo | recentcomments]]""}}"", which shows the last //comments//, this action shows the 50 last //**pages** which have been commented// (or whatever number the user has configured in his/her settings).
Example: if the FormattingRules were commented four times, this action would show the page with the date/time and author of the last comment only.
The pages are ordered after date and time of the last comment on them. The name of the page, the author of the comment and a preview with 125 chars of the comment are shown.
see RecentlyCommented.

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