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====Page ownership====

Every Page on a Wikka wiki is owned by someone. There are three different types of ownership:

- //Public//
- //Free//
- //Owned// by a registered user (a WikiName is shown)

The page ownership determines which person(s) control the rights to read, write and comment on a page:

- //Public// no user except Wikka administrators can change the rights
- //Free// any registered user can take ownership of the page
- //Owned// the owner of the page and the Wikka administrator can change the rights

For instance, if a page is owned by ""JohnDoe"", no user other than ""JohnDoe"" or Wikka administrators can change the rights.

When [[CreateNewPage | creating a page]], its owner is automatically set to the user who created the page.
Wikka administrators have unconstrained read/write/comment access to any page and can also change these rights.

For informations on how to change these rights, look at [[ACLInfo | Controlling access to pages and comments]].

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