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Metatag Action Documentation

This is the documentation page for the metatag action.

Note: This action was renamed from {{meta}} to align with a required name change to {{titletag}}. The {{meta}} tag was never officially released prior to 1.3.7. If you are currently using {{meta}}, please rename your instances to {{metatag}}.


This feature is available since:
WikkaWiki 1.3.7

Short description
Renders an HTML meta tag in the page output header.

{{metatag name="somename" content="blah blah blah"}}

namestringmandatory-value of the name attribute of the meta tag
contentstringmandatory-value of the content attribute of the meta tag

Long description
With {{metatag}} action you can create one or more HTML meta tags that will appear in the page output header. Multiple invocations of {{metatag}} will produce multiple meta tags. Position of the meta tags within the ... tags is not guaranteed or predictable.

{{metatag name="somename" content="blah blah blah"}}

produces the following output:

<meta name="somename" content="blah blah blah" />

Release Notes
since 1.3.7


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