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Localization proposal using gettext

This document describes a proposal to implement gettext for all translation strings in WikkaWiki, starting with Wikka 1.3. Note that this is only a proposal, so this document can and probably will be modified several times. Should the dev team decide to adopt gettext as the localization standard for Wikka, this page will be renamed to indicate this.


The following references were used to develop the initial gettext implementation using the Wikka 1.3 development branch:

"Translating WordPress"
PHP-gettext dev blog (Danilo Segan)
PHP-gettext repository
GNU gettext manual
Some gettext notes from Pablo Hoch's Blog

Implementation Notes

The PHP-gettext standalone library is used to implement gettext in Wikka. This eliminates the need for a Wikka administrator to ensure their version of PHP has gettext support compiled in. PHP-gettext requires no external libraries and only a minimal amount of configuration. It is licensed under GPLv2.

In Wikka 1.3, the PHP-gettext version 1.09 libraries are located in 3rdparty/core/php-gettext. No modifications are necessary when installing from the PHP-gettext version 1.09 release package.

Testing was conducted on a Windows 7 laptop running the excellent WampServer 2.0 package (Apache 2.2.11, PHP 5.2.11, and MySQL 5.1.36) using GNU gettext 0.17 tools under Cygwin.
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