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=====""LastEdit"" Action Documentation=====

>>==See also:==
Development: [[ | LastEdit]].>>This is the documentation page for the lastedit action.::c::

In order to avoid clicking on RecentChanges to know //who// edited a page and //why//,
here's an action that prints short lastedit information in the page body:
{{lastedit show="3"}}
**Usage** %%{{lastedit}}%%

**Optional parameter**: ##show##
%%{{lastedit show="0"}}%% //show user only//
{{lastedit show="0"}}

%%{{lastedit}} or {{lastedit show="1"}}%% //show user and notes// (default)
{{lastedit show="1"}}

%%{{lastedit show="2"}}%% //show user, notes, date//
{{lastedit show="2"}}

%%{{lastedit show="3"}}%% //show user, notes, date and quickdiff link//
{{lastedit show="3"}}

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