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===== Installation and upgrade notes for Wikka 1.2 =====

These are instructions you should follow if you wish to upgrade an existing wiki running on Wikka 1.1.X to 1.2. If you are installing Wikka for the first time, please refer to [[WikkaInstallation | this page]] instead.
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<h3>Important note</h3>
This version of WikkaWiki incorporates new support for modularized themes. A new file hierarchy is being introduced, and the old <tt>css/</tt> directory is going away. <strong>It is imperative that you make a backup of your <tt>css/</tt> and <tt>templates/</tt> directory BEFORE attempting to upgrade, if you have customized your site theme!</strong> Failure to do so will most likely result in a loss of part or all of your theme changes. <em>It's always good practice to back up both your Wikka install directory and your database prior to any upgrades.</em>

>>==See also:==
~-[[WhatsNew12 | What's new in 1.2]]
~-[[WikkaReleaseNotes12 | Changelog for 1.2]]
~- [[InstallingPlugins | How to use the plugins folder]]
>>Users running previous versions of Wikka are strongly recommended to **[[UpgradeNotes | upgrade]]** or **[[WikkaInstallation | install a fresh package]]**. [[UpgradeNotes | Upgrading]] via the web-based wizard takes only a few minutes.

====Upgrading from or ealier====
To upgrade from a previous or earlier install, simply overwrite all existing files from the installation with a fresh [[WhatsNew12 | 1.2 download]]. The upgrader will be invoked so you can verify existing DB and/or config settings. **Please be sure to read the important upgrade notice at the top of this page before proceeding.**

===1. Themes===
Wikka 1.2 introduces support for [[WikkaThemes | themes]]. All files required by the default theme (including stylesheets) can now be found under ##templates/default##.
After upgrading from 1.1.X, the legacy ##css/## directory will no longer be used by WikkaWiki. Provided you have saved anything of importance in that directory, you may safely delete the contents of this directory after upgrading.

===2. Menus===
A new [[WikkaMenus | menu/navigation system]] has been implemented. If you have customized your navigation links in your ##wikka.config.php## file, the upgrader should convert these links to the new format. If for some reason the upgrade wizard does not convert your links correctly, you will need to manually adjust the menu items under the ##config/## directory. Navigation links are no longer maintained in ##wikka.config.php##. Additional information on the new menu system can be found [[WikkaMenus | here]].

===3. Stylesheets===
Wikka 1.2 uses a new, more flexible [[DefaultLayout | default page layout]]. If you wish to patch your 1.1.X stylesheet to work under 1.2, you should follow these conversion rules:

||@@''n/a''@@||div#page||new wrapper introduced in 1.2||
||div.header||div#header||replaced class with id||
||@@''n/a''@@|| ul#main_menu ||new style hook introduced in 1.2 ||
||div.content||div#content||replaced class with id||
||div.footer||div#footer||replaced class with id||
||@@''n/a''@@|| ul#options_menu ||new style hook introduced in 1.2 ||
||@@''n/a''@@||div#comments||new wrapper introduced in 1.2||
||div.commentheader||div#commentheader||replaced class with id||
||div.commentform||div#commentform||replaced class with id||
||div.smallprint||div#smallprint||replaced class with id||

Further information on the default page template used as of 1.2 can be found [[DefaultLayout | here]].

Feedback on potential issues related to upgrading from previous versions is always welcome. Please report any bug, issue or feature suggestion for 1.2 in the [[ | tracker]].

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