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===== Installation and upgrade notes for Wikka =====

>>===This is an archive page===
For the **{{color c="red" text="latest release"}}** news please refer to [[WhatsNew | this page]].

==See also:==
~-[[WhatsNew1167 | What's new in]]
~-[[WikkaReleaseNotes1167 | Changelog for]]
~- [[InstallingPlugins | How to use the plugins folder]]
>>Users running previous versions of Wikka are strongly recommended to **[[UpgradeNotes | upgrade]]** or **[[WikkaInstallation | install a fresh package]]**. [[UpgradeNotes | Upgrading]] via the web-based wizard takes only a few minutes.

===Upgrading from or ealier===
To upgrade from a previous or ealier install, simply overwrite all existing files from the installation with a fresh [[WhatsNew1167 | download]]. The upgrader will be invoked so you can verify existing DB and/or config settings.

===Browse the source===
You can browse the source code of [[ | Wikka]] from the ""<abbr title="Subversion">SVN</abbr>"" repository. **Wikka** was built from [[ | r1374]] ([[ | log]])

Please report any bug, issue or feature suggestion for in the [[ | tracker]].

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