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===== Installation and upgrade notes for Wikka =====

Users running previous versions of Wikka are strongly recommended to **[[UpgradeNotes | upgrade]]** or **[[WikkaInstallation | install a fresh package]]**. [[UpgradeNotes | Upgrading]] via the web-based wizard takes only a few minutes.

<<===This is an archive page===
For the **{{color c="red" text="latest release"}}** news please refer to [[WhatsNew | this page]].

==See also:==
~-[[WhatsNew1164 | What's new in]]
~-[[WikkaReleaseNotes1164 | Changelog for]]
<<::c::===1. Layout changes from the previous release===
~- The **header** and **footer** files can now be found in the ##/templates## folder. If you made any modifications to the original files (in the ##/actions## folder) or created custom files with a different name, you will need to apply these changes to the new files after upgrading. Please note that ##header_action## and ##footer_action## in the [[ConfigurationOptions | config file]] have been obsoleted by version so it is mandatory to call header and footer files ##header.php## and ##footer.php## respectively.
~-If your wiki uses a **custom stylesheet**, make sure you check out the [[ | differences between and]] so that your stylesheet includes all the new selectors and classes required by ([[ | unified diff]])

===2. Note for users===
~- To upgrade from to you just need to [[UpgradeNotes | overwrite the files]] in your Wikka folder. You don't need to run the upgrade wizard.

===3. Note for beta users ===
~- There is one database change that was made on 02 Dec 07 in the branch. If you are running with a beta version of prior to this date, and upgrade to the latest release, you will see an error similar to this (your ##sessionid##, ##userid##, and ##dbname## will be different) when you bring up your new installation: --- --- %%
Query failed: SELECT * FROM wikka_sessions WHERE
sessionid='c4199a32c0c076a151b0e0cdc44a6045' AND
userid='someuser' (Table 'mydb.wikka_sessions' doesn't exist)
%% --- To resolve, you will need to manually create the wikka_sessions table. Start up your mysql client (or use an admin utility such as phpMyAdmin) to execute the following SQL: --- --- %%
create table wikka_sessions (sessionid char(32) not null, userid
varchar(75) not null, primary key (sessionid, userid), session_start
datetime not null);
%% --- //Thanks to Ed Jason on the [[Wikka:WikkaMailingLists | wikka-community]] list for pointing this out//

====Browse the source====
You can browse the source code of [[ | Wikka]] from the ""<abbr title="Subversion">SVN</abbr>"" repository. **Wikka** was built from [[ | r1018]] ([[ | log]])
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We appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Please report any bug, issue or feature suggestions for in the [[ | tracker]].
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