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=====xxxx Formatting =====
This is the documentation page for the ##xxxxx## formatter.
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This page is a **template** intended for documentation of **official Wikka formatting syntax**. It belongs to CategoryTemplate (which contains more handy templates). To create a **formatting documentation** page, [[ | clone this page]] to a page called **xxxxxFormattingInfo** (most documentation page names end in 'Info' so it's useful to stick to that convention), replace all occurrences of ##xxxxx## with a (capitalized) word indicating the type of formatting and replace these paragraphs with the actual content.

You can crossreference other yyyyFormattingInfo pages by replacing yyyy with the name of another formatting type (and maybe adding more like that) in the "see also" box.

Remember to change the category link at the bottom of this page to ##""CategoryDocumentation""## when the new page is ready to be published.





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