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Files Action Documentation

This the documentation page for the Files action.

See also
Mod for the files action
For the development page, take a look at FilesAction.


Short description
Allows admins to manage files (upload, deletion) and everyone to view a list of them or download them. Or it provides a download-link to a single file.

downloadstringoptionalprints a link to the file specified in the string
textstringoptionala text for the link provided with the parameter "download"

Long description
The 'upload_path' in the wikka_config must be a writeble directory. A directory by each page will be created to store their attached files. This action will only show/modify the files attached to the current page!

If you want to manage the files, use the action without parameters. You will see a list of the files attached to wikka with "attachment" (name of the file)., "size" and "Date added", ordered descending after "Date added". To donload a file, simply click on the name. As an admin, you will see a "x" left to every file (clicking on it will delete the file). The simple form below the list allows to upload a file.

If you specify a filename with the parameter "download", a link to download this file will be shown (you can change the text for the link with the parameter "text") but not the form.

{{files [download="filename"] [text="descriptive text"]}}

Please make sure that the server has write access to a folder named uploads.

Upload limits
As for a default install, a limit of 2 Megabyte for the (maximum) size of a file exists. You can find it in

files.php (line 44)
  1. // $max_upload_size = "1048576"; // 1 Megabyte
  2. $max_upload_size = "2097152"; // 2 Megabyte

If you want to enhance the limit you can do so by changing the file (note that the limit has to be written as a number of bytes).

Please note that PHP itself imposes a limit on file-uploads. You can find the parameter in the


with a default set to 2 megabyte.


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