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=====Emailpassword Action Documentation=====

This is the documentation page for the Emailpassword action.

//Once the planned 'autodoc' feature for actions is "live", this page will contain the automatically-generated documentation by just including an action; for now, I've just manually created the text.//


==Short description==
Allows a user to retrieve his forgotten password if s/he entered a valid email-address.

This action does not accept a parameter.

==Long description==
The action generates an input field in which users can write their WikiName. If s/he has entered a valid registered email adress, an email with the following text should arrive:

Hi, <username>.

You or someone else requested that we send a temporary password to login to WikkaTestWiki.

If you did not request this, disregard this email. -- No action is necessary. -- Your password will stay the same.

Your wikiname: <username>
Temporary password: <md5 hash of the password>
<address of the wiki>

Do not forget to change the password immediately after logging in.

The password provided is the encryption of the users original password. It is possible to log-in with this password, but, as mentioned in the email, a user should change their password after the login.



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