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====Editing an existing page====

>>**See Wikka in action:**
~-""<a href="">Editing a page</a>"" {{image url="images/action/qt.gif" alt="quicktime icon" title="Wikka clips"}}
>>To edit an existing page,
- click the "Edit Page" link. It can be found at the bottom-left of the page
- Alternatively, if [[UserSettingsInfo | double-click editing is enabled]], you can double-click on the page to bring up the editing form
You will see the code of the page and will be able to edit it. You can for example [[FormattingRules | format text]], or add [[AddingLinks | links]] and [[AddingImages | images]].
With the #%Store#% Button, you save your changes. The #%Preview#% Button gives you a preview about how your changes will look. With #%Cancel#%, you go back to the page without changing anything. The field above these three buttons is for leaving notes on your edit, which will be shown on pages like RecentChanges - please add a short note to every change so readers get some idea what was changed (and why).

If you get get the text //You don't have write access to this page. You might need to register an account to get write access.//, log-in and try it again. If the same text appears, the [[PageOwnership | owner of the page]] denies you this right.

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