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=====Documentation Guidelines=====

To preserve the overall consistency of documentation pages, please respect the following guidelines when creating/editing a documentation page.

~-When creating a new documentation entry, please check that another page on the same topic does not already exist. [[SearchHelp | Searching in Wikka]]
~-Documentation pages should be linked from the [[HomePage | official Wikka Documentation page]]
~-Please add the following header and footer to every documentation page:
~ ---
====Title of the page ====
Here goes page content
~You can use [[CategoryTemplate | templates]] to generate well-formatted documentation pages.
~Please notice that CategoryEN corresponds to pages written //in English//. There are [[CategoryCategory | other Categories]] available.
~ You can directly generate well-formatted documentation pages by "cloning" the [[ | DocumentationTemplate]]
~-Do not create documentation entries for features/actions that are not yet included in the [[WikkaReleaseNotes | official Wikka releases]]
~-All contributions to the docs should be released under the {{license type="CC-BY-SA" display="inline"}}

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