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=====Creating a new page=====
>>**See Wikka in action:**
~-""<a href="">Creating a new page</a>"" {{image url="images/action/qt.gif" alt="quicktime icon" title="Wikka clips"}}
There are two ways to create a new page in Wikka:

===1. Creating a new page from an existing page===
The most common way to create a new page is to [[EditPageInfo | edit]] an existing page, insert somewhere in the page a pointer to the new page you want to create (either by using a ##WikiName## or a ##""[[forced]]""## | internal link) and save it. The link to the new page will be highlighted as a missing page. Just clicking on this link will open an editable version of the new page.

===2. Creating a new page from the browser address field===
To create a new page from your browser address field, just type the name of the page (usually a ##""WikiWord""##) after the Wikka root URL. For instance, to create a new page on this server you just need to type in the browser address field ##""""**""NewPage""**##.
Consider that creating a page in this way leaves the page [[OrphanedPages orphaned]] until a link to it from an existing page is created. For this reason, the first method is preferred.

===The ##newpage## action===
You can also use the following [[ActionInfo | action]] to create and edit a new page.

==Tips and guidelines:==
~-If you are new to this server, read this [[WelcomeUser | introduction]] to get started.
~- Please use an appropriate page name that describes your page the best and remember to add the category to which you think it belongs. Check the [[CategoryCategory | Categories]] link above for a list of the existing categories, and WikiCategory for more information.
~- {{since version="1.3" display="inline"}} As of 1.3, page names are not longer required to be formatted in WikiName format. Any printable character (including Unicode characters) other than those in the following list are permissible:
[ ] { } % + | ? = < > ' " / 0x00-0x1f 0x7f ,
~- Please note that spaces are converted internally to underscores (_). However, pages containing spaces can be accessed using either spaces or underscores.
~- See FormattingRules for details of how to use wiki markup.

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