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===== Les options de configuration de Wikka ##(wikka.config.php)##=====

Le tableau suivant décrit les différentes options de configuration disponibles dans le fichier wakka.config.php. Le fichier wakka.config.php est généré par l'installeur de wikka. Il ne doit normalement être modifié que par l'administrateur du site car contenant des informations sensibles comme des mots de passe et des options de configuration cruciales pour le fonctionnement de Wikka

Vous pouvez utiliser un client FTP pour éditer ce fichier directement sur le serveur web.

N'hésitez pas à rajouter vos commentaires en cas d'information manquantes dans le tableau.

|=|**Option**|=|**Valeur par défaut**|=|**Description**||
||mysql_host|| localhost|| Le serveur sur lequel est hébergée votre base de données [[MySQLFR | MySQL]], habituellement le même serveur que le serveur web.||
||mysql_database|| wikka|| Le nom de la base de données que Wikka doit utiliser.||
|| mysql_user|| wikka|| Le nom d'utilisateur [[MySQLFR | MySQL]] que Wikka doit utiliser pour se connecter à la base de données.||
||table_prefix||wikka_|| Le préfixe des tables utilisées par Wikka. Cela vous permet de faire fonctionner plusieurs instances de Wikka sur la même base de données en paraètrant des préfixes différents selon l'instance de WIkka.||
||root_page|| ""HomePage""||La page d'accueil de votre Wikka. Elle doit normalement être un ""NomWiki"".||
||wakka_name|| ""MyWikkaSite""|| Le nom de votre site Wikka. Il doit normalement être un ""NomWiki"".||
||base_url|| guess by installer|| Your Wikka site's base URL. Page names get appended to it, so it should include the '?wakka=' parameter stuff if the funky URL rewriting stuff doesn't work on your server. The wikka installer tries to guess the proper value. Change this only if you know what you're doing!||
|| rewrite_mode|| guess by installer|| URL rewriting enabled = '1'. URL rewriting disabled = '0'.||
||action_path||'actions'|| The path to the action directory. It is relative to the root of your wikka directory.||
||handler_path|| 'handlers'||The path to the handler directory. It is relative to the root of your wikka directory.||
||gui_editor|| '1'|| When set to '1', users see a toolbar when editing pages that allows them to apply some of the markup by clicking toolbar buttons. When set to '0', the toolbar is disabled.||
||stylesheet|| 'wikka.css'|| Specifies which cascading stylesheet to use. Stylesheets are stored in the css directory. (Make sure your webserver has read access to the css directory and the *.css files.||
||wikka_formatter_path|| formatters|| location of Wikka formatter - REQUIRED||
||wikka_highlighters_path|| formatters||location of Wikka build-in code highlighters - REQUIRED||
||geshi_path|| 3rdparty/plugins/geshi|| location of [[GeSHIFR | GeSHi]] package||
||geshi_languages_path|| 3rdparty/plugins/geshi/geshi|| location of [[GeSHIFR | GeSHi]] language highlighting files||
||header_action||'header'|| Sets the php file in the 'actions' directory that outputs the header listed at the top of every page and everything that appears above the header (like the HTML head and DOCTYPE)||
||footer_action|| 'footer'||Sets the php file in the actions directory that outputs the footer listed at the bottom of every page.||
||navigation_links|| || Specifies the navigation links that are output in the header and displayed to all users.||
||logged_in_navigation_links|| || Specifies the navigation links that are output in the header and displayed to logged in users.||
||referrers_purge_time||'30'|| The number of days referring pages (pages that link to your wiki) are kept in the referral logs. Setting this option to '0' or leaving it empty disables the referrer log. (I THINK. DOES IT REALLY PURGE THE LOG, OR DOES IT SIMPLY NOT DISPLAY IT?) - It really purges the log. See below for the actual code that does this.||
||pages_purge_time|| '0'|| Setting pages_purge_time will remove old page revisions older than the specified setting. So if you set this to 7, page revisions older than 7 days will be deleted. The most recent pages will never be purged. If you have a huge wiki with thousands of pages that are all frequently updated you might want to turn this on, but most wikis will never need to adjust this setting.||
||xml_recent_changes|| 10|| Number of recent change items that are sent when the RecentChanges feed is accessed.||
||hide_comments|| '0'|| If set to '1', Comments and the 'Add Comment' form will not be visible. If set to '0', users can see and add comments.||
|| anony_delete_own_comments|| '1'|| If set to '1', anonymous users can delete their own comments, provided they do so from the host machine they used to create the comment. If '0', anonymous users cannot delete their own comments.||
||double_doublequote_html||'safe'|| determines if HTML in wikkapages is passed through SafeHtml ('safe'), shown as it is ('raw') or passed thourgh htmlspecialchars_en (anything else)||
||external_link_tail|| infinity symbol|| This gets tacked on to the end of any external link as a visual indicator that the link points outside of the Wiki.||
||sql_debugging|| '0'|| Set this to '1' to see all of the database queries that are made when a page is generated. The queries will appear at the bottom of the page.||
||admin_users|| Admin user you setup at installation.|| A list of users allowed to administer the wiki. Specify multiple wiki names separated by commas e.g: ""JsnX"", ""HendrikMans"", ""CoolJoeAdmin"" ||
|| admin_email|| Admin email addres you setup at install.|| Email address of the wiki administrator.||
||upload_path||'uploads'|| The path to the directory file attachments will be stored in.||
||mime_types|| mime_types.txt||not in use at the moment||
||geshi_header|| div|| 'div' or 'pre' to surround code block||
||geshi_line_numbers|| 1|| disable line numbers (0), or enable normal (1) or fancy line numbers (2)||
||geshi_tab_width||4|| how wide (in spaces) is a tab in geshi||
||wikiping_server|| || server to report your recentchanges to. See WikiPing for details||
||default_write_acl|| '*'|| write-access to pages. See AclInfo for details. Changes here only affect newly created pages, not existing ones! Common values are '*' (everyone), '+' (registered users) '""UserName""' (user with Username)||
|| default_read_acl|| '*'|| Reading-access to pages. See default_write_acl||
||default_comment_acl||'*'|| The right to comment pages. See default_write_acl||
||mysql_password|| || Password of the [[MySQLFR | MySQL]] user used to connect to your database.||
||meta_keywords|| || This is set during install. Controls the meta tag keywords included in the head of every Wikka page.||
|| meta_description|| || This is set during install. Controls the meta tag description included in the head of every Wikka page.||
||wakka_version|||| Lists wikka's version number. Do not change it! Your installation would get out of sync with the official releases.||

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