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====Comment a Page ====

To comment a page
1) if the comment field isn't shown at the bottom of the page, below the text //'Add a comment to this page:'//, click on the [Add comment] or [Display comments] link after //'There are ... comments on this page'//
1) write the comment in the field; note that Wiki markup doesn't apply here but blank lines automatically result in (visual) paragraphs
1) click on #%Add Comment#%

The comment is automatically "signed" with either registered user name or (for an anonymous user) origin node name or IP address, and a timestamp.

If there is neither a field for comments, nor an [Add comment] or [Display comments] link, like for example on RecentChanges, this can have two causes:
1) the [[UsingActions | action]] //[[NoCommentsActionInfo | nocomments]]// is in the code of the page
1) the [[PageOwnership | owner of the page]] doesn't allow comments

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