since 1.3

Wikka page names are no longer required to be in CamelCase format. Whitespace and UTF-8 characters are now permitted. The following characters are not permitted in page names: | ? = & < > ' " / % In addition, forced links now require a | separator between the link and description. Please see FormattingRules for examples and additional notes.

Writing in CamelCase

Writing in CamelCase-format consists in joining together words without spaces and capitalizing each word within the compound: HomePage, PageIndex, WikkaWiki are all examples of CamelCase words. The name comes from the uppercase "bumps" in the middle of the compound word, suggesting the humps of a camel.

CamelCase strings are automatically parsed as links in Wikka.

WikiName is a synonym for CamelCase.

Unlinking a CamelCase

Some words like MySQL, McCain are represented using a camelcase format. If you write them in a page, the word automatically links to the page of that name, if such page exists, or to an edit screen where you can create it if it doesn't yet exist. To avoid this behavior, you may surround the word inside double doublequote, like ""MySQL"".


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