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Calendar Action Documentation

See also:
Development: JwCalendar (with source code, and some background and discussion).
This is the documentation page for the Calendar action.

Once the planned 'autodoc' feature for actions is "live", this page will contain the automatically-generated documentation by just including an action; for now, I've just manually created the text.


Short description
Display a calendar face for a specified or the current month.

yearintegeroptionalcurrent year4-digit year of the month to be displayed; the default can be overridden by providing a URL parameter 'year'
monthintegeroptionalcurrent monthnumber of month (1 or 2 digits) to be displayed; the default can be overridden by providing a URL parameter 'month'

Long description
Specifying a month and/or year in the action itself results in a "static" calendar face without navigation; conversely, providing no parameters in the action results in a calendar face with navigation links to previous, current and next month, with URL parameters determining which month is shown (with the current month as default).

You can have one "dynamic" (navigable) calendar on a page (multiple ones would just be the same) and any number of "static" calendars.

The current date (if visible) gets a special class to allow a different styling with CSS.

{{calendar [year="yyyy"] [month="mm"]}}

This action was inspired mainly by the "Calendar Menu" code written by Marcus Kazmierczak (© 1998-2002 Astonish Inc.) which we traced back as being the ultimate origin of this code although our starting point was actually a (probably second-hand) variant found on the web which did not contain any attribution.
However, not much of the original code is left in this version. Nevertheless, credit to Marcus Kazmierczak for the original that inspired this, however indirectly: Thanks!

GmBowen (first draft)
JavaWoman (more modifications)

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