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=====Breadcrumb Configuration===== {{since version="1.3.6" display="inline"}}

WikkaWiki now supports a "breadcrumb" style history at the top of the page that is individualized for each user (even anonymous users) via session variable. There are a few site-wide configuration parameters in ""<tt>wikka.config.php</tt>"" that can be modified to control various aspects of this new feature:

|=|variable|=|default value|=|description|=|
||enable_breadcrumbs||'1'||This determines whether the breadcrumbs will be displayed. Set to '0' to disable.||
||breadcrumb_node_delimiter||'>'||Set the character(s) to be used to separate each individual breadcrumb.||
||num_breadcrumb_nodes||'5'||Determines how many breadcrumbs will be displayed. The earliest breadcrumb will be pushed off the breadcrumb trail if this number is exceeded.||

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