Controlling read/write access to single pages

Wikka supports advanced ACL (access control lists) management for setting user privileges on single pages.
Making a page read-only, private, or writable by a restricted number of users is possible by setting the appropriate privileges for the page in question.

ACLs can be easily set by clicking on the Edit ACLs link at the bottom of the page. This link appears only when you are logged inand have the right to set ACLs; only the page owner and Admins have this privilege. If a page isn't owned by anyone (i.e. "Nobody" is the owner) you first have to take ownership to modify the ACLs.

The following fields are available:
determines which users can read the page
determines which users can write the page
determines which users can post comments on the page
determines which users can read comments on the page
determines which users can create comments on the page


until 1.3

ACL handler screenshot (until 1.3)
since 1.3

ACL handler screenshot (since 1.3)

ACL Syntax

The ACL fields accept the following values:

* = Everyone
+ = Registered users only
Or any enter individual user WikiNames | (one per line)

Any of these items can be negated with a !

!* = No one
!+ = Anonymous users only
!JohnDoe = JohnDoe will be denied access.

Be aware that the ACLs are tested in the order specified.
So be sure to specify * on a separate line after negating any users - not before.
Otherwise, the * everyone condition will always give access before the list of users that should not have access is tested.

Note: setting a page to !* (= No one) still allows the page owner and admins to access it.

ACL default values

Default ACL for new pages can be set in the ConfigurationOptions wikka configuration file by Wikka administrators.

Note: Any page with no custom ACL will use the global ACL set in the wikka configuration file. If you later change the default ACLs in the config file, then all pages that do not already have a custom ACL set will change to the new defaults. If you decide to change the default Read ACL to !* (= No one), make sure you go to your UserSettings and HomePage and set their ACLs to allow read access for at least yourself.

since 1.3
When upgrading from a version prior to 1.3, the comment read and comment post ACLs for existing pages are assigned the old comment ACL setting.

Comment restrictions

Comment ACLs for single pages can be overridden by:

Comments can be disabled on the whole wiki via the hide_comments setting.

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